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Monsters roam free in The City~ Photos by Vega

Featuring Bonesaw, Treks, Cafe and Nart!

¡Viva La Plebe!

La Plebe is a ska punk band based in San Francisco and are currently on their ‘Brazo de Brazo’ tour. Before they hit Europe with their infectious noise, La Plebe (click to here ‘Plebe por Vida’) will be performing at Bottom of the Hill this Tuesday!

The bands name roughly translates to ‘The Mob’, which specifically refers to a group of individuals excluded  from the mainstream (at least according to wikipedia….). Possessing such a powerful band name allows La Plebe to hold a strong political presence, serving as the voice for the common individual with songs proudly sung in Spanish and English.

For more information on La Plebe, check out:
La Plebe Official Website
Photos found at: La Plebe Myspace

Cheech the Wizard Lives!

Instead of getting sloshed at a bar on Mission or partying in the Castro to celebrate the coming weekend, head on over to the 1 am gallery on 6th and Howard for…

Vaughn Bode, who hailed from New York, was a famed alternative 1960′s comic artist was was inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame in 2006. His characters have become reoccurring figures within street art and graffiti and the 1AM Gallery will not only showcase Bode’s body of work, but will also highlight the talent of his son, Mark Bode.

For more information on either the gallery or the artists, click the following links:
1AM Gallery
The Official Bode’ Site

Peel, Jump, Slap, Repeat~ photos by Vega

A Call for Submissions