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SF Taco » Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.

Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.

Art, in Reynaldo Cayetano Jr.’s perspective, is self expression that provokes an analytical thought within a piece. This attitude towards art implies that anyone is capable of obtaining the title as “artist” because everyone has a story, opinion or message to share. However, growing up in the SOMA, Cayetano noticed the absence of an art community within his own neighborhood and believed that Points of Unity, a name that was birthed out of spontaneity for an art reception met to highlight an artist’s driving force to create, would help establish a stronger, more intimate society of artists, writers, photographers and individuals.

As curator for Points of Unity, Cayetano received support from the art collective he actively participates in known as Inks of Truth. With the encouragement from his peers to pursue this event, Cayetano dubbed Points of Unity to be the second brainchild to the collective’s first event, Artistic Integrity. While the first art reception proved to be a series of trial and error, in comparison, P.O.U. was outlined with more structure and organization that provided every member, from planner to artist, a role in the receptions flawless execution.

The reception, which was held at the Bayanihan Center, strived to empower the audience in realizing that artistic success is possible as long as an story or message can be communicated to an audience. When sharing his experiences at other art receptions throughout San Francisco, Cayetano expressed that the art world doesn’t always seem to inspire or encourage artistic endeavors and ones success seems to solely be based on skill level, however, art is not purely based on logistics. As Cayetano believes, art is a method of self expression that provokes thought and allows a dialogue to be created between the piece and the viewer. Allowing the audience to foster a relationship with a piece, whether it is spoken word or a mail box sculpture, only strengthens the meaning and development of an artists’ creation.

The event maxed out at an outstanding 200 attendees and with such an eclectic group of artists; people were left to feel inspired to create as well as to push the quality of their craft. A photographer himself, Cayetano participated with the reception not just as its curator, but also as an artist. Originally, the Nikkomat FT2 he has strapped onto his shoulders at all times was a gift for a close friend, but unfortunately, she passed away. With a new camera in his possession, Cayetano found comfort in capturing daily life and took the initiative to learn more about his craft, but also paralleled his artistic growth to what he believes his friends’ would have been. Though reluctant to label himself as a photographer, his pictures depict a genuine sincerity, honesty and an optimistic reflection of the human spirit. From locals in the SOMA district to villagers in the Philippines, his photos capture stories of struggle, perseverance and ultimately, compassion towards the human race.

Although Cayetano made it clear that he doesn’t want to be the poster boy for Inks of Truth, it is incredibly hard to deny the energy and passion he radiates. With every word spoken about his perspective on art and with every hand gesture that accompanies his opinion, it becomes apparent that there will be more gallery events to come. As long as there are artists creating, Inks of Truth will provide the stage for them to be showcased because, as Cayetano once said, “Art isn’t art unless it’s shared with someone.”

To learn more about Inks of Truth and to view more photos, click here!
Photos were provided byJoy Ng who is a photographer, poet and all around badass.

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