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Toxic Holocaust “Acid Fuzz” Video by Adam Avilla

Adam Avilla is an amazing animator and director from the SF Bay Area. Here’s his latest mind-bender, a video for Portland based Toxic Holocaust.

Inks of Truth presents: Purpose Beyond Reach is a showcase that serves as a platform for expression as well as humility by doubling as an art show and a canned food drive for the Thanksgiving season. Purpose beyond Reach highlights the thriving artistic enclave within the SOMA district, involving local artists who have united under a generous impulse to set individual benefit aside and instead, work as a creative group striving towards the well-being of the San Francisco community.

Inks of Truth is a local collective composed of photographers, writers, poets, artists and musicians, including Patience the Virtuous who will be debuting his album at the showcase, striving to bring art events to areas of the city where creative expression is overlooked. Members pride themselves in their involvement with community outreach programs and events, providing a sharper perspective that contributes to a larger body of artistic work.

Inks of Truth presents: Purpose Beyond Reach will be held at the Rancho Parnassus Café, which will be open for business during the art showcase, between 6th and Minna on November 20th,2010. As a food drive, the entry fees for the evening are canned goods that will be donated to the Martin de Porres House of Hospitality for the Thanksgiving holiday. For more information, visit http://www.wix.com/purposebeyondreach/inksoftruth

Everyday is like Smithsday- This Charming Man

Its official- San Franciscans really like The Smiths and the Mozzer himself. In fact, the love for this 80′s pop band is so explicit that it is nearly impossible to walk into the Arts Institute and not:
a) See a Smiths/Moz shirt
b) Hear a lyric from the ‘Louder Than Bombs’ complication slipped into regular conversation

c) Run into another a 5’4” Morrissey look alike

As an ode to one of the bands that will instantly earn you major hip points at a SFAI bash- and of course to the greatest musical enigma himself- SFTACO presents to thee: Smithsday (on Sundays, get it?)

Charmed, we are.

Got a favorite jam you want on hear next Sunday? Or even a funny story that has the Smiths/Moz playing as the soundtrack to your life? Send an email to dara.sftaco@rocketmail.com with the subject title: Holy crap, why are Smiths fans overly obsessive?