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True Love

Found this little love declaration in an alley around the Tenderloin/Civic Center area. Have you come across any alley treasures that don’t involve human feces next to a bar? Send them to dara.katrina@gmail.com

Too Hip

I think I smell a rat

Somewhere along the SOMA, rats have invaded in search of a revolution. Their leader? You already know his name.

The Pope of Mope makes me hate your smile

Failed Buffs ~photos by Vega

Have any photos on failed buffs throughout The City? Send them to dara.sftaco@rocketmail.com

The KKK(atie) Took My Spraycan Away

If you live in The City, chances are you’ve come across one of the tags belonging to KKKatie. Vandalizing walls with swatikas, anarchy symbols and has successfully defaced a legal mural, the McKinley statue and the War Memorial Opera House, this little lady was caught during Bay To Breakers and has recently been sent to a SF psych ward.

Usually, when most graffiti and street artists scribble over public property and statues with a satirical or political message, it provokes thought, humor and at times, gives the writer fame within the community. However, in KKKatie’s case, she has successfully shunned herself from the rest of the graffiti/street art movement.

She’s an outsider in a community of outsiders…Its a multi racial, multi ethnic, diverse community of people who do not tolerate racial hate in any shape or form  -Steve Rotman, Bay Area graffiti photographer

What are your thoughts and opinions on KKKatie? Let SFTACO know by leaving a comment!
For more information on this case, read the SF Guardian article here


Market St. seems to be overflowing with Reyes pieces, especially since his work is currently showing at the E6 Gallery. If you’ve got a Reyes pictures, shoot us an email at dara.katrina@yahoo.com!

Where theres an alley…

 …There is probably graffiti gold! While the exact streets have been forgotten, this alley is only a block up from the 1AM Gallery on 6th and Howard. From the Great White Shark to the CAT bulldozer, this little cut is a gem within the SOMA district.

Have any alley treasures caught in a photograph and feel nice enough to share? Send em to dara.katrina@yahoo.com to add onto the website!

News stands aren’t for newspapers anymore

It’s early in the morning and when most people use this time to grab a copy of the SF Chronicle, SF Weekly or The Guardian, news stands provide another type of reading material in the form of metallic letters, characters and of course, stickers.

Send in your pictures of overly vandalized news stands at dara.katrina@yahoo.com

SFAQ Symposium

Please join us on Saturday July 10th for the second release Symposium for the San Francisco Arts Quarterly.

The second issue came out July 1st and features the SOMA district as well as full bay are art listings July-September

The FREE release Symposium includes:

Panel Discussion:

Moderator: JD Beltran

Eli Ridgway
Jay Howell
Heather Villyard
Julie Lazar
Justin Hoover

Live Music: 7:30-10pm
Adam Stephens (Two Gallants)
Young Prisms
Rumspringa (LA)

Blue Angle Vodka
Mejor Tequila
Trumner Pilnser
Artesa Wines

George’s Restaurant

The mission of the San Francisco Arts Quarterly is to provide the growing arts community of San Francisco with a free publication aimed at enabling galleries, artists, collectors, and the general public to connect and network, facilitating the expansion and flourishing of San Francisco’s art driven economy. SFAQ is a newspaper and calendar that presents the public with a quarterly update on art community events and offer insight into the current and future state of a variety of arts throughout the city.

The SFAQ calendar is a user friendly guide that contains a pullout San Francisco MUNI map and a compilation of the various venues and spaces within San Francisco. The calendar will include a listing of openings, public events, performances, festivals, screenings and releases featured at various educational facilities, museums, established galleries, non-profit organizations, theaters, music halls, and more with an emphasis on alternative venues and up and coming spaces/galleries. SFAQ’s calendar will expand individuals’ artistic perspective in San Francisco and facilitate their connection to the various events that are happening throughout the city. We wish to provide every artist with the opportunity to make their exhibition, project, or performance more readily available to the public. This helps inspire and support the citizens of San Francisco to continue practicing their various artistic endeavors, further enveloping San Francisco with the gift of creativity.

The San Francisco Arts Quarterly will direct a dialogue with a highlighted neighborhood in San Francisco, rotating to different areas of the city with every issue. Each edition will consist of interviews with individuals and collectives who are showing an interest in the advancement of the San Francisco arts community and thus helping to further stimulate the city’s progressive nature, opening a conversation between the district of focus and the rest of San Francisco. This will provide individuals with an in-depth look into the various districts of San Francisco’s multi-faceted arts community. The publication is designed to inspire people to discover and explore areas of San Francisco that they do not typically experience, with the intention of unifying the varied areas of San Francisco into one comprehensive artistic whole extending throughout the city.

Click here to view the FACEBOOK group (yes, really.)